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Custom mirrors cut to size

Custom mirrors cut to size

If you're looking for a simple frameless mirror cut to your dimensions then we have you covered! We offer many types of mirrors but typically specialize in 4mm and 6mm copper free silver mirrors.

These mirrors are suitable in bathrooms, living rooms, gyms and more.

They can be cut into a variety of shapes including square, rectangle, round, oval or even irregular shapes.

For the edge finish we can do them clean cut for going in frames or hidden edges or in areas that don't need finishing, polished for that modern look, or beveled for that more traditional look.

Please use the contact us form, send us an email or give us a call with your requirements and we will quote your job asap!

Handling and delivery

Yes we can provide delivery as well. Please note due to the custom nature of frameless mirrors cut to size, all mirrors will come with no or very little packaging regardless or picking up or having your order delivered. If collecting please arrange suitable transport to get the order from our warehouse to your desired location.

Masterpiece Mirrors will not be held responsible for any damages to your order once it leaves our hands.

How to hang and mirror care

Typically frameless mirrors need to be glued or siliconed to your surface. Neutral cure silicone must ALWAYS be used.

Please note, if you're not confident to do it yourself we highly advise using a professional to help with the installation. If you require installation please ask at the time of quoting.

To clean your mirror use a damp cloth to wipe clean then a dry microfiber cloth to buff it dry. If there's stubborn stains you can use a 30/70 methylated spirits to water mix. Always try to keep edges dry and if using in a wet area like a bathroom its advised to dry the mirror edges after a humid period to prolong the life.